Santiago – Cajón del Maipo


3130 mts over sea level


819 mtrs


All day (13 kms round trip)


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Plantat Refuge is one of the few in Chile that maintains a mysticism that still struggles not to be lost in this world of technology and desinterest. It was constructed in the year 1937 by don Enrique Plantat with his sister and the collaboration of members of the german club. They established it at 3130 mts of altitude and it’s fully constructed of stone with wood in the interior maintaining a structure of the old german custom. It consists of a kitchen, a little dining room and 8 berths, that -out of the high season- are an excellent alternative to sleep. In the present it’s an excellent place for those who are ascending to the San José volcano with its 5856 mts of altitude. The place is privileged because of the environment with estuaires of cristalline water and an spectacular view to the valley of Maipo from “Josesito”.

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Pick up at Baquedano square at 07:00 am to initiate our trip of about 2 hours to Morales Baths, a town located 93 kms east of Santiago.

Later the vehicle will keep on going passing through the shanty town of Lo Valdés and a mining in that place to climb the slope of Los Afligidos with splendid views to the valley of Las Arenas and San José volcano. Once the slope is over one arrives to a bridge that crosses Colina river where we see that the way bifurcates to cajón del Arenas or to Colina baths. In this sector we find the so called “Cabrerío” and it’s where we leave the vehicle parked.

The route starts surrounding the Morro Negro until arriving to a footpath that enfilades to the North in the middle of a dump of rocks. After half an hour of walking it appears the San José volcano and before the long valley of La Engorda. The route always goes to the bottom of the valley crossing through a bridge the estuaire La Engorda. After 2 km of walking one arrives to the foot of the southern ravine where there is a small path in the east direction through a steep slope. The way goes always in zigzag and after an hour of walking one arrives to the Plantat refuge wich is located next to the estuaire that we’ve  been crossing.

The way down is through the same route and takes about 2 to 3 hours.

  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Cap (leggionaire type)
  • Bandana
  • Frontal lantern
  • Polar (Winter) or windbreaker
  • Pants (cargo type). For hot days are recommended shorts.
  • Trekking shoes
  • Walking sticks
  • Bottle for water

 Physical Difficulty

The circuit can be realized by any person who has a good physical state, love walks and hiking. Anyone who has done trekking or hiking and feels in a good physical condition won’t have any problems in reaching the end of the route.


This hike takes place through all the year of course when the weather conditions allow it. One must consider that it’s a cordillera sector and the climatic variables are very changing. Part of autumn, winter and even spring this sector is completely snowed and one requires snowshoeing and  the way to be enabled. The landslides in this sector are very common.

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